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Brand Live - Telly Club

Pop in for a 1:1, standup, group hang, or happy hour. Dance the day away in an out-of-work experience.

A new way to hold meetings online! Brandlive's Telly Club is an immersive and engaging platform to meet friends and colleagues online. Developed by Brand Live and Etribe Studios.
I am the audio lead on this project, collaborating with the dev team to bring an engaging and dynamic experience.

Explore Telly Club HERE

Oregon University - The Virtual Knight Campus

Experience 360-degree views and video in this augmented reality mobile app.

Experience the University of Oregon’s Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact in this mixed reality environment. The Knight Campus offers a blend of academic programming and research opportunities set in an entrepreneurial culture aimed at translating discovery into societal impact. In this app, you can experience the 160,000 square-foot first building.

Developed by University of Oregon an Etribe Studios.

Explore and download the app for iPhone and Android devices HERE

Coldharbour 360°

-  taking you on an alternative tour of Brixton

The Coldharbour Project is a 360˚ VR film lets you meet the people who have shaped Brixton's strong and symbolic cultural fabric over several decades. It explores the history Coldharbour Ward in Brixton, focusing on the market and Coldharbour Lane. . The immersive journey takes viewers to Brixton Market, the Express Cafe, Universal Roots Records, Windrush Square, Coldharbour Lane, Railton Road (the Frontline), and the Sports and Social Club.

Coldharbour unlocks aspects of social life in Brixton through the decades and invites viewers to reflect, learn and join the celebration.

The Coldharbour Project is directed by Charlotte Knowles, produced by The Independent Film Trust, and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Read more HERE


Commissioned by Vorarlberg Museum, Austria

Warbells VR or 'Die Glocken herunter in eiserner Zeit' (in German), was commissioned by Vorarlberg Museum as part of their exhibition about the history of church bells in rural Austria during World War 1.

The narrative and interactive VR experience features voiceover, spatial sound and 3D visuals to tell the story from the bell's point-of-view. The Daydream Mirage Solo from Lenovo (6dof VR headset) and BOSE headphones make for an effective and accessible combination for public VR exhibitions.

Warbells was made in collaboration with Thomas Felfer PhD, Maf'j Alvarez (Root Interactive) and Andy Baker (Ixxy), as well as Anna Bertmark at Attic Sound. The exhibition is on display between Dec 97th 2018 and March 17th 2019.

IMAGES | Exhibition Information (in German) 

YouTube VR 180 & Tribeca Film Institute

“Our project is about being in intimate spaces that don’t usually get a lot of air time and certainly not in VR or 180. We want to talk about spaces and communities that are part of my everyday, but that I don’t necessarily see represented" - Baff Akoto, director. 

V(B)R is a collection of interviews that uses YouTube’s VR180 format. We created the 360° spatial sound mixes that included restoring the sound recorded on set, then adding ambiences and sound effects to give the viewer an immersive and realistic experience for headphones. The VR Creator Lab is a partnership between YouTube, Daydream and VRScout. Distributed by the Tribeca Film Institute. 

Best viewed on the YouTube app for spatial audio playback. 

Watch them HERE


A VR Escape Room

A House For A Fly is a room-scale VR escape-room experience created by artist Maf’j Alvarez based on a true story from her mother's childhood. Six year old Lina is locked in her room with her sleeping baby brother and only a fly as company. Through exploring the objects in the room you learn more about life in rural Spain during the 1950’s and how to escape. Anna Bertmark’s spatial soundscape is highly detailed, using foley and other techniques from film-sound, to give a realistic, physical and immersive experience. 

It was made in Unity for tethered headsets and was exhibited as part of Brighton VR Lab 2018. 



@ Alternative Realities, Sheffield Doc Fest

Amongst the gunfire and falling bombs, Mohammed Kteish dreamt of a better future for his city. On the rooftop of his ravaged home, he started turning that dream into reality by constructing a cityscape of his own out pf paper. Join Mohammed Kteish on a journey in VR as he shows you around the paper model of his future vision for Aleppo. 

An ‘on-rails’ prototype was exhibited at Sheffield Doc Fest's Alternative Realities section, in partnership with Marshmallow Laser Feast as part of the Sheffield International DocFest commission, supported by FACT and the UK Arts Council. Produced by Red Thread Media.

TRAILER | Website


A spatial audio and mocap experiment

Zooksphere is an experiment in musical performance, in which Brighton-based musical artist Bunty’s movements and voice were recorded using motion capture and headset microphone. The movement data was applied to an avatar ‘character', singing and dancing under a domed roof in VR, surrounded by a psychedelic landscape.

Real-time custom reverb was added and near-field rendering using Google Resonance, so the voice sounds more reverberant the further away from the avatar you move and dry up close, creating a highly realistic sonic experience. Developed together with Bunty, Jomotopia, Andy Baker and George Butler, using Unity and Oculus Rift.